Anyway Café

Uniting people over fine food, good drinks & live music
since 1996

Anyway Cafe's menu appreciates France almost as much as Russia. Items include pelmeni (Russia's answer to pierogi), stroganoff, entrees topped with caviar, various crêpes and sundry treats with crème fraîche. Black bread and homemade pâté notwithstanding, the star of the lineup is Infused vodkas. Join us in SoHo, East Village, Manhattan Beach or Sheepshead Bay, New York.

Outdoor Seating Restaurant in Brooklyn

Enjoying dinner with a nice breeze is something that many people love, and it is possible throughout the summer at our outdoor seating restaurant here in Brooklyn. We have a beautiful patio with plenty of seating to accommodate your entire family or a large group of friends. Our wait staff will be happy to bring you your food and drinks outside so you can relax and enjoy the comfortable seating, pleasant breeze, and overall incredible atmosphere that just can’t be matched anywhere else.

We keep our outdoor seating patio open throughout the summer months for our guests to enjoy. Make sure you take advantage of all that our outdoor seating restaurant has to offer while it is open because once the cool weather in the fall hits, the patio will be closed until it gets warm again the following year. This is why so many of our guests make it a point to come enjoy our great restaurant throughout the summer. Of course, our indoor seating areas are also very comfortable, and offer exceptional service to all our guests. No matter where you want to sit, we’ll make sure you get the best food, drinks, and entertainment possible.

Great Food Served to Your Outdoor Table

Enjoying the atmosphere that an outdoor restaurant in Brooklyn provides is great, but if the food isn’t up to par, nobody will want to come back. This is why our chefs work hard to ensure every order is cooked to perfection. We specialize in both French and Russian cuisine, and will have it brought to your table for you to enjoy. Whether you’ve tried this type of food in the past, or this would be your first time, we’re confident that you will absolutely love the unique tastes that really can’t be found anywhere else in Brooklyn.

Full Bar Available

Just because you are seated outside doesn’t mean you will lose access to our full bar. Just let your server know what you want to drink, and our bartender will mix it up for you and have it sent out right away. We have an exceptional selection of wines, beers, and mixed drinks available for you to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll have it for you.

Come On In for Live Entertainment

When your dinner is done, why not step inside to listen to our live music, which is available every night of the week. We bring in hot acts from throughout Brooklyn and beyond to provide great entertainment to our guests throughout the evening and well into the night. Even from your outdoor seating locations, you’ll be able to hear the music in the background, which helps to create the perfect setting for a truly great meal.

Contact Our Outdoor Seating Restaurant

If you would like to book reservations, or you have any questions, about our outdoor seating restaurant in Brooklyn.